BEE Star Labels for Energy Savings:

If you are buying refrigerators or air conditioner , please ensure that it bears ..BEE Star Labels… . BEE Star Labels are informative Labels affixed to the products to describe its energy performance . Appliances are rated on a scale of 1(one) 5(five) stars, with the most efficient carrying a 5(five) Star label and the least efficient carrying 1 star label.

How to choose BEE label:

  • Count the stars within the coloured strip, More stars, More savings.
  • Know the number of electricity units consumed in one year.
  • Observe the BEE logo for authenticity of the Label.
  • Buy Star labelled home appliances like Refrigerator, AC,TV .
  • Use Compact Fluorescent bulbs/LED bulbs in place of incandescent bulbs.
  • Reduce unnecessary usage of fans, lights, refrigerators and sir conditioners during office hours.
  • Avoid wastage of electricity by switching off your computer monitor when not in use.
  • Install electronic regulators to fans.
  • Use Solar Water Heater for hot water.

Energy and cost savings for 250litres Frost Free Refrigerator at different Star Ratings
Star RatingApprox. Maximum Annual Energy Consumption(Units) Per Unit Charge(Rs.)(Approx.) Total Cost Per Year in (Rs.)Total Savings(w.r.t. No Star)(Rs.)
No Star 11004.00 44000
1(One) 9774.00 3908492
2(Two) 7824.00 31281272
3 (Three) 6264.00 25041896
4 (Four) 5014.00 20042396
4 (Five) 4004.00 16002800

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