Difference between Alternting Current(AC) and Direct current(DC):

SI.No. Alternating current Direct current
1 Represented by AC Represented by DC
2 Changes the direction of current alternatively. Doesn't chnage the direction of current.
3 Electrons direction is in reverse path. Electrons direction is in same path.
4 Direction of current varies with time.
One time in same direction and other in opposite direction.
Direction of current is constant.
5 Used for transmission.
(AC can be incresed or reduced depending upon the necessity. Hence it is used for transmission )
Not generally used.
(Here it is difficult to increase or decrease the voltage.)
6 Depicted in Sine waves , square waves,triangular and variable waves. Pure and pulsating.
7 Ac generators
Aplliances in Home
DC Generators
Eg:Cells, batteries
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