Net Metering and Gross Metering:

There are two widely used mechanisms introduced to benefit the consumers who generate electricity from the rooftop solar PV system:

1. Net-Metering System

2. Gross-Metering System

A net-meter (bi-directional meter) is used for measuring the export of excess energy from the solar system and import of energy from the grid. When the power consumption bill is generated, if the export of solar energy exceeds the import of energy from the grid, the consumer gets credits for the excess energy injected into the grid. This can be carried forward to the next month or reimbursed at a rate provided by the state authority.

Under gross-metering, all the electricity generated by the solar rooftop system is exported to the grid and energy required for consumption is imported from the grid. The consumers are paid a feed-in-tariff decided by the respective state nodal agencies for the electricity injected into the grid. Some of the main differences between the two are:

Net Metering Benefits:

Net-metering allows a consumer to earn credits for supplying excess solar energy to the grid. The power generation of a solar system is independent of the actual consumption of power by a consumer. Therefore, it is possible that your solar system may generate more power than you can actually consume.

Here, net- metering, which is a billing mechanism, helps you avoid wastage of any surplus electricity generated from your system by transferring the excess electricity to the grid and the grid credits you for the same. Thus, you make more savings. However, it is to be noted that net-metering can only be implemented on the grid-connected solar system. If you wish to know how to apply for net-metering,

Net Metering helps households using Solar Rooftop Installation get reliable power from Solar energy which fluctuates from day to night and summer to winter. But it also brings a basket of other benefits to households using them and the society.

Reduce Your Power Bill

With net metered Solar Rooftop Installation, you only pay for the deficit power consumed i.e. the difference between the power consumed by the household from the grid and the solar power generated from the panels. This drastically reduces your electricity bill and you save a huge chunk of your hard-earned money.

No Maintenance

Net metered Home Rooftop Solar Installation does not require generators or batteries. These generators and batteries are not only costly but also incur considerable expense for maintenance. Home Rooftop Solar Installation components like solar panels, inverter and mounting structures need no maintenance. It saves your time as well as money.

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